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Get IPTV from Bardstown Connect

What is IPTV?

It’s Internet Protocol Television. In other words, it’s the ability to stream your television programming over the internet. Get IPTV from Bardstown Connect today!

What if Bardstown Connect is not my internet provider?

As long as you have internet service, you can stream your subscribed channels through a streaming device (see below).

How is this different from our Watch TV Everywhere service which we already have?

It’s very similar, actually. The difference is that you can download our Bardstown Connect app onto your phone, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and certain other streaming devices, and through that app you can watch any channel you subscribe to in one place. Furthermore, you don’t have to have a separate NBC app or ESPN app to watch those channels if you already subscribe to them through us. You can simply open up the Bardstown Connect app and you’ll have a channel guide listing all the channels you subscribe to from which you can select the programming you want to watch.

Channel listings on IPTV Bardstown Connect

Channel listing on the Bardstown Connect Phone App

Play and Pause

Did you miss the evening news? On the channel guide, you can navigate back to that time slot on the channel of your favorite news station and click on the programming to begin watching. Need to get up to unload the dryer? Just pause your show and pick up where you left off when you return. 

Would you like DVR capabilities? Cloud DVR time is included in the cost of the service. Just select the show you want to record and your programming will be saved for a time. You can set up recording for an entire series or more.

You can have up to 90 cloud DVR hours and can stream on 3 devices at a time

Bring Your Own Device

We offer IPTV service called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), because you can use your own streaming device if you don’t want to rent one from us. With BYOD Gateway service added to your account, you have up to 90 cloud DVR hours and can stream on three devices at a time

Why would I want this service?

New developments are being served by fiber, not coaxial cable. So that means the only way to get traditional coaxial cable TV services to these fiber customers is through IPTV. Also, many people who stream have to change their TV input to watch TV. With IPTV service, you can stay on your Chromecast, phone, Apple TV, or other streaming device and our app will be right alongside your Hulu, Netflix, and any other apps you have. You can have all of your programming in one place.

Cloud DVR time is included in the cost of the service.

IPTV Interface

You can get IPTV from Bardstown Connect when you stop by our office, or call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 502-348-5947 for more information. Please see our Rates & Services.