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Email Setup & Spam Control

Email Setup

While there are small variations in the setup process of each email client, this general guide should help you set up most of them. Questions? We’re always happy to help.

Adjusting the Server Settings

When you set up an email on your computer or cell phone, the setup will ask whether it’s a POP, IMAP, or EXCHANGE account. In most cases, you’ll want to select IMAP.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter an email address (, username (johndoe) and password. After you fill out these fields, the setup will request technical server settings. Fill in those fields with the following information:

Incoming Server Settings

  • Hostname:
  • Incoming Server Port Number:
    • For IMAP: 993
    • FOR POP: 995

Note: POP is being replaced by IMAP and should only be used if this email will only be setup on a single device.

Outgoing Server Settings

  • Mobile Devices
    • Hostname:
    • Port number: 587
    • Enable password authentication
  • Desktops
    • Hostname:
    • For IMAP: 587
    • For POP: 465

That’s it! Need additional support? Visit the following links for more information, or contact a Bardstown Cable support technician for help.

Spam Control

Bardstown Connect uses powerful SPAM control filters to protect our customers from unwanted or malicious contact. Our software catches any email that may contain SPAM, stops it from reaching your inbox, and notifies you. In every instance when our filters detect possible SPAM, we’ll send you a report with options to deliver, whitelist, or delete the emails.

For further information regarding this software, contact our support team.

Did you lose or forget your password? To keep your account secure, we aren’t able to send passwords via email. Visit City Hall or call 348-5947 to get your email password.