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Residential Internet Packages

Bardstown Connect provides great service with incredible value. We provide all the basic services necessary to connect your home to the world.

Speed (Mb/s):Inside Corporate Limit*Inside Corporate Limit BundleOutside Corporate Limit*Outside Corporate Limit BundleBENEFITS:
Up to 200 Mb/s$56.25/mo.$45.00/mo.$61.00/mo.$48.80/mo.Perfect for up to 8 devices at a time, downloading shows/large files, creative collaboration, and streaming on multiple devices.
up to 100 Mb/s$46.25/mo.$37.00/mo.$51.00/mo.$40.80/mo.Ideal for connected homes, multiple users, serious online gaming and telecommuting.
up to 50 Mb/s$36.25/mo.$29.00/mo.$41.00/mo.$32.80/mo.Excellent for multiple users, binge streaming, gaming and sharing large files.
up to 20 Mb/s$31.25/mo.$25.00/mo.$36.00/mo.$28.80/mo.Great for streaming HD videos, social media, email and general browsing.
Lifeline: Up to 10 Mb/s$10.00/mo.$8.00/mo.$14.75/mo.$11.80/mo.This tier is designed for basic access for low/fixed income subscribers. Must meet income requirements or be 65 years or older to qualify. Please call us at (502) 348-5947 to find out if you qualify.

Modem-Router Combo Rental – $5 per month

*20% discount with subscription to Expanded Basic Cable TV package.

Additional Services

Bess Internet Filtering Service:Free
Virtual server domain hosting:$10.00/month
Virtual server setup fee:$30.00
First Commercial Static IP Address:Free
Additional Static IP Address:$2.00/each per month