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Business Internet Packages

Bardstown Connect provides great service with incredible value. We provide all the basic services necessary to connect your business to the world.

Internet Services

SPEED (Mb/s)Inside Corporate Limit*Inside Corporate Limit with BundleOutside Corporate Limit*Outside Corporate Limit with Bundle
Up to 250 Mb/s$116.25/month$93.00/month$121.00/month$96.80/month
Up to 200 Mb/s$76.25/month$61.00/month$81.00/month$64.80/month
Up to 100 Mb/s$56.25/month$45.00/month$61.00/month$48.80/month

Modem-Router Combo Rental – $5 per month

*20% discount with subscription to Expanded Basic Cable TV package.

Additional Services

Best Internet Filtering ServiceFree
Virtual server domain hosting$10.00/month
Virtual server setup fee$30.00
First Commercial Static IP AddressFree
Additional Static IP address$2.00/each per month